Saira Khan’s Guide For Cheaper Life Insurance

Life insurance is often viewed as unnecessary or expensive – but who would pay the bills and provide for your family if you were to pass away without warning, or even become seriously ill?

What Saira Says About the Importance of Life Insurance

“Sad but true, one in 29 children loses a parent before they reach 18. This family crisis is all too often made worse by the lack of provision and the family can easily fall into poverty, unable to keep up with rent and cover the money for food etc. Life insurance often costs less than £6 per month!”

So life insurance should be seen as essential and a great way of protecting your family long term. It’s also surprisingly affordable, with policies starting from just 0.33p per day or less.

How Does It Work?

You simply select an amount of money you want to leave to your family, (the outstanding amount on your mortgage for example), answer a few lifestyle questions and receive your quote. There are NO forms and the policy can be setup TODAY.

What’s Saira’s Trick For Getting Cheaper Cover?

  • DON’T go direct to a brand –  you’re just buying into their identity and they will NOT compare different providers for you.
  • Use a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated broker. They charge NO FEES and help you arrange cover that’s right for you, will answer any questions you have AND perform a full market comparison.


What About If You Already Have Cover?

If you already have a level term policy, you could cut the cost if you decide to switch. If a new quote shows you can save (make sure the cover is at the same level), all you need to do is set up the new cover.

It’s no problem – you might be able to get the same level of cover but cheaper – it’s worth getting a new quote as you really could save a lot each month. Simply let your broker set up the new policy and cancel the old one – FREE of charge.

I always recommend shopping around for a new quote as you might be able to get the same level of cover for less. Or maybe your circumstances have changed since you set up your policy. You might have children now or have bought a new home since then, so it’s worth reassessing your cover.


I recommend – they will work with you to find the right type of cover that’s right for you and your family.

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