A Tattoo Can Really Look Like Hair?

by | Apr 13, 2017

Sometimes known as a hair or head tattoo, Micro Scalp Pigmentation, MSP, is fast becoming a favorite option for male hair loss sufferers in the USA. A hair tattoo might not be the first hair loss treatment that comes to mind but this technically and artistically demanding treatment is providing the right candidate with totally natural looking results.

With over 60% of American men under the age of 35 suffering some degree of male pattern baldness, and 85% suffering significant thinning by the age of 50 it is no wonder why so many men are looking for a solution to their hair loss.

The traditional method of hair restoration has always been a hair transplant procedure, while this can provide excellent results for the right candidate, a hair transplant does have limitations.

Your first thought is probably how can a tattoo look natural, not all tattoo pigments are equal, and the same applies to the practitioner. Micro Scalp Pigmentation is not just your average tattoo from a local tattoo parlor. To find out more, we visited Vinci Hair Clinic at their New York Clinic, located in Manhattan, to meet with Karina Santos, a world leading Micro Scalp Pigmentation Technician Trainer.

A Scalp Tattoo That Can Restore Your Hairline

Micro Scalp Pigmentation uses a medical grade pigment with a wide range of contrasts to blend with any hair and skin color. The micro application simulates the look of hair stubble and can blend with any surrounding hair. A new hair line can be created that is undetectable from a natural shaved head of hair.

Karina is personally responsible for restoring over 2000 hairlines around the world, and has personally many Vinci Hair Clinic technicians in the art of MSP. We asked Karina why Vinci Hair Clinic developed the MSP hair loss treatment.

“I have worked in the hair restoration industry for many years and was always disappointed when I met with a client who I couldn’t help. Some were not suitable for hair transplants, while others were not keen on surgery. We wanted to offer those an alternative hair loss treatment, a non-surgical, non-invasive solution to hair loss, and developed MSP, in fact we were the first Medical Clinic world-wide to introduce this to our clients.”

Vinci Hair Clinic leading the way of MSP hair loss treatment, get a free consultation now.

What Is Different About MSP?

Karina went on to explain to that the difference between medical scalp tattoos and ordinary cosmetic tattoos is significant. A special level of skill and artistry is essential, and Vinci Hair Clinic train all their technicians in-house to ensure the highest standards.

With Vinci Hair Clinic the pigment is built up over sessions, the initial session generally being the longest the individual achieves an immediate result, even with advanced hair loss stages. Karina continued to explain the treatment.

“The contrast is built up over each session until the final result achieved. The treatment is relatively painless, with our clients describing the sensation as a mild tingling sensation. Recovery time is very short, so there is little to no interruption to their business or social life.”

Vinci Hair Clinic have nearly 40 clinics worldwide (16 alone in the UK). 

Rasiel Garcia, a client of Vinci Hair Clinic Miami talked about how his hair loss was affecting his confidence at the age of 20, and how he felt he looked much older. After his first session of MSP friends commented how he looked taller, Rasiel remarked, “I have a stronger sense of myself, I look my age, that to me was the best thing.”

Vinci Hair Clinic have been practicing Scalp Pigmentation since 2009 with their first USA dedicated MSP Clinic in Miami, Florida, and now in Chicago, Houston Texas, and Manhattan, New York City.

With the natural results being achieved by experienced highly skilled technicians and the fact it is a generally more affordable treatment compared to surgical hair restoration, it is becoming more and more preferred hair loss solution.

Vinci Hair Clinic offers free consultations for MSP at their clinics throughout the UK, USA and around the world. You can find out more by getting in contact with Vinci Hair Clinic on 020 300 494 84, or visit their website for more information.

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