More Homeowners in Ireland are becoming victims of burglaries.

There are many misconceptions in relation to burglaries in Ireland. Many think the time most likely for a burglar to strike is when the family are asleep in bed, but surprisingly only 10% of break-ins happen after midnight, when families are in bed sound asleep.

It wasn’t always like this and its speculation as to why this is so, but more homes are alarmed in modern times and more people work than say in the 1980s, leaving more homes empty in the day and early evening. This has meant break-ins largely happen when nobody is at home seeing an increase in the need for monitored alarms, given, without monitoring, you only have an alarm that makes a noise and are at the mercy of your neighbors.

  • The most broken in part of the home in Ireland is actually the front door (29% in 2015)
  • Wexford is the burglary king in Ireland, with Dublin in second place.
  • Nine of the top ten burglary black-spot counties in Ireland are in the province of Leinster
  • 84% of burglars advise they will not go to a home if they see it’s alarmed.
  • The time period you’re most likely to be burgled in Ireland is between 12pm and 4pm.
  • There are nearly 2,000 burglary-related offences committed a month alone in Ireland

According to, almost half of homeowners in Ireland still do not have a burglar alarm installed despite the high crime rate.

Don’t be a victim at your own home.

Why choosing the right Home Alarm is important?

When it comes to looking for the perfect alarm package, even the savviest shopper can get mislead or scammed into a package that is not relevant for their home. There is a handful of essentials you need and wont need when it comes to finding the right alarm system.

  • A maze of sensors is not needed to secure your home (most companies add this to your package to increase your monthly cost).
  • Choose a package where no Phone line is required
  • Control your alarm using a complete App for iPhone and Android is always helpful
  • An Alarm system that allows you to Arm and Disarm the system from any room.
  • Monitored 24 Hour with Garda Response is the most vital part
  • A system warranty is essential
  • Always look for additional fee’s
  • Safe Installation

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