Banks ripping off UK savers – cheated by ultra-low interest rates

  • Majority of bank accounts pay 0.1% interest or less
  • Britons are losing £160 billion in interest to the banks
  • £108 is the average interest return paid by the banks per year
  • £2,640 is the average interest return paid by Loan Note investments per year

As a nation, we have never been in this much debt. The bankers are destroying our retirement funds. They’ve been the only winners since interest rates were cut back in 2009.

Britons with cash savings are now losing £160 billion in interest due to current rates, and that equates to ‘£6,000 per UK household’.

Savers are up in arms. The Government is turning a blind eye. Banks and building societies are making themselves fat by not paying us interest. No wonder disgusted savers are now investing in alternative investments like Loan Notes.

New wave of alternative investments shaming banks with solid returns

Savers are taking the decision into their own hands, and choosing fixed return investments that they can actually rely on.

An article in the Guardian stated that “loose monetary policy has ‘annihilated’ returns on cash”. To protect themselves, banks have thrown savers to the wolves.

After all our hard work and sacrifice during the global financial crisis, protecting their jobs and businesses, this is the thanks we get. Lord William Hague warned the Bank of England that savers were finding it “impossible to earn a worthwhile return”, and would eventually revolt. He was right.
Thousands of people are turning their backs on greedy bankers and are now placing their savings in secure, alternative investments such as Loan Notes. With fixed returns of up to 15% per annum, you can be rest assured your money is safe and growing.

Greater returns, fixed interest rate, secured investment

Gone are the days when you could rely on the interest from your savings to see you through retirement; one in four workers now expects to work past retirement age due to rock-bottom interest rates. But should you settle for that?

Widely known as the investment firm, Lord Sugar described as one of the top in London. Hunter Jones only introduce the very best investment opportunities which are asset backed and come with an easy exit strategy. They don’t want to waste anyone’s time or attention with opportunities they don’t believe in.

Whilst other investment opportunities tend to be a little vague about what your money is used for, with Loan Notes, your investment is used for a defined project with a specific end date. You know exactly where your money is, and exactly what it is being spent on. You will also benefit from first and only legal charge over the property.

You can be sure your return from a Loan Note investment opportunity will transcend the pitiful interest from your bank/building society savings account.

Choose your low entry options to property investing in the smartest way right now..