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Thousands Of Brits Are Taking Control Over Their Healthcare

Thousands Of Brits Are Taking Control Over Their Healthcare

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Health & Wellbeing

More Brits are using private cover to avoid NHS waiting times

The NHS is facing the most intense strain1 on resources in decades. The UK population is growing year on year, while funds are being cut causing increasing pressure towards doctors and nurses. As we approach the winter season, there is a growing number of patients as a result of flu and bad weather.

This coupled with the uncertainty of the country and its future as a result of Brexit has resulted in the public questioning where the health service is heading. An increasing amount of people are looking to private health insurance as an alternative for its reliable and superior service.

Is Health Insurance Right For Me

Price & level of service

There is a myth that private healthcare insurance is expensive when there are plans to suit almost every budget. The reassurance of knowing there’s always a specialist ready to see and give you the advice and treatment you need alongside the quality of service makes the price of health cover very good value. Private rooms include nurse call system, television, radio and telephone with free Wi-Fi offering the opportunity to either rest and receive visitors in peace, privacy and comfort.

Treatment within days

Booking an appointment with a GP and being referred to a hospital or therapist can be a very lengthy process – often months of waiting – and can be avoided with health cover giving peace of mind. This also applies to tests and scans, which are often not given because they are not seen as a “necessity”.2

Hygiene & Hospitality

Private hospitals are often compared to 5 star hotels, with private en-suite rooms and meals to suit every dietary requirement. Cleaning staff are on call 24/7 and work to high specifications daily, especially whilst in care and between discharge of one patient and the admission of the next.

Who should I work with?

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