How clean is your home?

by | Aug 23, 2018 | Health & Wellbeing

3 things any home owner needs to know to ensure their family stay healthy at home

There are several hazards a home owner has to look out for to keep their home safe and free from health risks. We normally focus on health hazards like smoke alarms and faulty wiring. However, there are a few little things that are extremely important. We may actually overlook these issues because they are invisible to the naked eye. Microscopic particles in our home can cause fumes, allergies, energy wastage and lead to other illnesses. To ensure that our family stays well and free from disease we must eliminate these pests from our home. This leads us nicely to examining what these particles are and finding out how we can easily remove them from our home.

What are these tiny particles that cause disease?

Firstly, let’s look at the facts;

  • The average person loses around 1g of skin per day and 2-3g per night
  • Dust mites feed on human, animal skin flakes and other crumbs.
  • Each mite generates at least 20 droppings per day
  • 1 square metre of carpet contains up to 1000 dust mites
  • Moving around your home disturbs dust mites and their droppings
  • Once disturbed: dust mites and droppings can stay airborne for about 30mins, when we are at risk of inhaling them

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If we remove dirt and dust, we remove most of the allergens from our home. Sounds simple; however this is a continual process and needs a deep clean to remove all of the tiny imbedded particles.


Hoover your home daily to remove dust and bacteria

Hoovering your home daily will remove a great number of potential health hazards you’re your home. However your hoover can spread bacteria and leave a rotten scent in the air, if it is not working efficiently. If you have a hoover in your home, then it is a good idea to have it professionally serviced to ensure that it is performing optimally.

Why should you service your hoover regularly?

  • Extend the lifespan of your hoover
  • Ensure your hoover is working optimally
  • Registered/ licensed electricians should carry out the work
  • Discover any underlying issues before it is too late
  • Have hoover disinfected and deodorised
  • Bags and filters cleaned out
  • Remove impacted dust

We have established that professional cleaning by a qualified expert is a must and should be carried out at regular intervals. Also we should have our appliances checked and serviced regularly to ensure excellent cleaning. But there is one more culprit that we need to discuss. This is the daily build-up of grime inside your cooker. Having your oven professionally cleaned on a regular basis has a lot of benefits.

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Why should you have your oven professionally cleaned regularly?

  • Dirty ovens create a nasty taste (due to the burning food residue)
  • Food spillages in the oven lead to dangerous fumes
  • Oven does not work efficiently if there is a build-up of toxins
  • Bacteria can grow in a dirty oven
  • The heating elements and fans can become blocked
  • It can be dangerous to cook meat in a dirty oven due to the fact the meat could be undercooked if the cooker is not working efficiently. Additionally the bacteria in the oven could be transferred on to your food.

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