Has Your Child Got What It Takes to Become a Model?

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Modelling/Fashion

Child models are in demand for every aspect of advertising, fashion, film, TV, promotional and photographic (print) modeling work. For example, supermarkets or travel companies will require child models in their family orientated marketing material.

There are so many things to consider if you think your child has what it takes to become a child model and it’s not just about appearances. Child models do not have to be an exact height or dress size, although their height may determine which age group they will be modeling for

What Age Should My Child Start Modeling?

There is no specific age for your child to start modeling. Your child’s interest in modeling is the most significant factor. If he or she expresses an interest in modeling, that’s a good indicator that he or she is ready and willing to start. Be sure to explain that the job involves patience, good manners, and the ability to accept feedback and instructions.

What Kinds of Child Modeling Are There?

The main types of child modeling are

  • Commercial print modeling: Models for magazines and other forms of print media
  • TV modeling: appears in TV commercials and social media video ads
  • Editorial modeling: Models for high-fashion photo shoots

How Much Do Child Models Make?

The earnings of child and baby models vary widely, depending on the client, location, and type of work.

What Can You Expect at Castings and Photoshoots For Child Models?

Castings: During a casting, the clients will ask to see your child’s model portfolio, take some photographs of them posing to see how suitable they are for the role they’re casting for. There are often a lot of children in attendance for casting calls, a lot of waiting around and sometimes a long wait for your child to be photographed

Shoot: Not all shoots are done in a studio in a major city, sometimes you may be expected to travel for a location shoot. It is always best to be prepared

  • Bring plenty of books, paper, pencils, drinks and snacks.
  • Make sure your child has cleaned and tidy hair and nails, and a clean face when you take him/her to a shoot.
  • A few changes of clothes are also a good idea.
  • Always stay with your child on set to support, check your child is ok and watch their behavior.

The photoshoot will provide you & your child with the following:

  • Give them the confidence to do their best in front of the camera and allow them to practice working in a studio environment.
  • A great opportunity to observe how well your child takes instructions from the photographer and how they behave when surrounded by stylists
  • Place your child in a situation similar to that of being at a casting where your child will audition for the job, meet new people and gain confidence.
Modeling is a fabulous industry and has many perks, however direction and an understanding of what is needed is essential to avoid many pitfalls and Model Scouters is the perfect place to get started. Model Scouters will be able to give you as a parent a variety of tips to move forward in the industry and all the tools you will need to get your child started either as a freelance or agency model.

“Rachel had an amazing time at the studio. It was a great opportunity to get her in front of the camera and she took to it like a duck to water due to her theater classes. She also enjoyed working with the photographer who was great. Rachel’s Grandmother takes her all over the place for castings. She is mainly booked for hair shoots as it is so long. We had the best day. She loves modeling and acting. We are taking this as far as we can. Thank you Model Scouters!”

Do you think your child can become a model?

  • Have people told you your child should be a model?
  • Is your child photogenic?
  • Is your child confident and has a beautiful smile?
  • Does the idea of a fun hobby partaking with your child sound fun?
  • Are you within 150 miles of central New York?

If you answered yes to these questions, don’t delay & register with us today!