15 Items You REALLY Need For Your Newborn Baby

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Health & Wellbeing

Preparing for the imminent arrival of your little one is such an exciting time.

Choosing all of your new baby essentials is one of the best parts of pregnancy. But, with so much equipment available to buy it can be difficult to decide what you do need and what you don’t.

To help you ensure that you have all of baby’s essentials ready for when they arrive, we have put together this handy checklist for baby items that you will definitely need. In this new baby checklist we have included the must-have items that will help make your life much easier and keep your baby happy and comfortable.

Before you start shopping, take a look at our baby essentials checklist below, which also includes details of how to get your hands on free baby stuff!

Here are 15 baby essentials to add to your baby checklist:


  1. Six vests
    Babies get through lots of vests, so six should be enough to ensure you have spares while the others are in the wash.
  2. Six baby grows/sleepsuits
    Choosing baby grows and sleepsuits with feet attached will help to make life easier and are more convenient than separate socks.
  3. Two jackets
    So that you have a spare for baby to wear when one is in the wash.
  4. Hats, booties, and scratch mittens
    Scratch mittens are particularly important as baby’s nails are often jagged and can easily scratch their delicate skin.
  5. Changing mats
    Changing mats are essential and a wipe-clean changing mat is a handy choice. It’s also wise to buy a travel changing mat for nappy changes on the go.
  6. Nappies and wipes
    If you are using reusable nappies you will also need a nappy bucket and nappy sanitiser. It is handy to have a pack of disposable nappies too, in case of a nappy emergency!
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  7. Bibs and muslin squares
    Well, you can never have too many of these!
  8. Cot with a new mattress
    A cot with a new mattress and bedding suitable for newborns.
  9. Car seat
    To ensure that your baby travels safely back from the hospital.
  10. Pram, pushchair or travel system that is suitable from birth
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  11. Pram blanket
    To keep baby warm on cold winter days.
  12. Steriliser
    Steriliser or sterilising tablets/liquid and a suitable container.
  13. Nursing bra & breast pads
    Nursing bra and breast pads if breastfeeding baby.
  14. Thermometer
    To monitor baby’s temperature if they seem unwell.
  15. Baby monitor
    So that you can listen out for baby.

If you have worked your way through your checklist of what to buy for a new baby and want to pick up a few extra bits and pieces, these handy additions could come in useful for life with your little one:

  1. Baby carrier or sling.
  2. Baby bouncer chair.
  3. Moses basket or crib, plus a mattress and bedding.
  4. Baby bath.
  5. Bath thermometer.
  6. Breast pump.
  7. Nursing chair to make feeding more comfortable.
  8. Nappy wrapper to keep toilet time under wraps and smells at bay.
  9. Changing bag to make life easier when you are out and about with your new baby.