7 tips to make your meditation successful

by | Sep 27, 2018 | Health & Wellbeing

More and More Brits Are Turning to Meditation To Help With Decision Making and Resolve Stress, Anxiety and More.

Are you aware that the mind is the engine of our experience?

You may not believe so, but let me explain why.

Your mind comprises all of your cognitive functions: perception, thinking, judgement and memory. Your mind interacts with your physical brain as well as your nervous system. Hence, when your mind is out of balance, so are your physical and mental faculties. For this reason, it is true that the mind has a huge influence on your overall sense of wellbeing.

We are living in an age with an increasing amount of factors that put a strain on you and your wellbeing. These can be seen to impact all corners of your life.

  •  Your Mind:
    Today, more people than ever are experiencing high stress, depression, panic attacks, anxiety, addiction, OCD, SAD, PTSD, postnatal depression and many more challenges.
  • Your Body:
    People of all ages are experiencing physical challenges such as autoimmune diseases, allergies, infertility, Multiple Sclerosis, PMS, Diabetes, Thyroid disorders, IBS, Stomach Ulcers, High Blood Pressure, Chronic Pain. The list goes on and on.
  • Your Performance and Lifestyle:
    Stress can be seen to impact everyday life and chores by affecting memory, sleep, concentration, decisiveness, energy, creativity, relationships, problem-solving, self-esteem.

While these factors may seem insignificant, they play a huge role in functioning day to day. Furthermore, with the pressures of the modern world, it is key to overcome these difficulties.

Have you heard of Will Williams?

9 Years ago after experiencing protracted stress-related insomnia, Will Williams randomly met a friend of a friend whose life had been transformed by Vedic meditation. Whilst sceptical, Will felt compelled to give it a try and see if it was as good as it was cracked up to be. It had such a positive impact on every aspect of his life that he now dedicates his life to sharing this transformative knowledge with others.

Will was thinking of becoming a school teacher, as he felt that empowering people with knowledge and skills was the best way to make a difference. However, the apparent bureaucracy suggested it wouldn’t have been a good fit. Will went on a two and a half year global and spiritual odyssey, where he met with many great masters from across the continents whilst receiving the highest standard of training from the pre-eminent master of Vedic meditation. Will then spent 4 months completing the legendarily intensive Vedic meditation teacher training course.

Fast forward to today and Will has helped thousands of people to learn and practice to meditate as well as held a meditation night at the world famous Fabric in London.

His book The Effortless Mind: Meditation for the Modern World is now sold in over 50 countries.

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Howard Donald from Take That had this to say after learning to meditate from Will:

‘Within a few months of learning to meditate with Will, I realised I was starting to have so many ideas for songs and books, as well as helping me with a busy schedule of touring and being a dad.’

Here are Will’s 7 tips to make your meditation successful

  1. Sit Comfortably. Don’t think that you need to contort yourself into uncomfortable positions to meditate. The comfier you are, the more you can relax and settle into deep meditation.
  2. Sit Upright. Many people are under the impression that you need to lie down however, this can lull you to sleep rather than into a meditative state.
  3. Don’t Try to Suppress Your Thoughts. Pushing thoughts away can be difficult and it isn’t very practical to beat away your own thoughts. Engaging with your thoughts can help you declutter your mind and help calm down your brain.
  4. Make Time. If you are concerned about fitting in meditation, be aware that meditation tops you up with physical, mental and emotional energy so you can become more decisive and alert. This allows you to make better use of your time, think more clearly and become more efficient.
  5. Look Younger. Meditation is believed to reverse ageing. Not only does this make you look younger but makes you feel younger so you have more energy to engage with life.
  6. Let go of Expectations. Give yourself permission to let your meditation flow. The more laid back you are and the more nonchalant you are, the more free and rewarding your meditation will be. And you will feel less frustrated.
  7. Don’t Judge your Meditation. Avoid judging the success of your meditation. You should enjoy the experience meditation gives you when your eyes are open rather than the experience when your eyes are closed.

It is so important to find an easy route to meditation and make it a natural part of your life. Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.

You can learn to meditate in just 3 days
with a Vedic trained teacher in London