5 ways in which a cloud phone system could benefit your business

by | Jan 26, 2021 | Business

Moving to a brand new phone system can seem overwhelming, but what if we told you, that by doing so, you’d be rewarded with a whole host of benefits?

With flexible and remote working very much a way of life for so many businesses, having a phone system that enables you to stay connected, whilst increasing productivity, is essential. A cloud phone system (also referred to as a VoIP phone system, which stands for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’) makes all of this possible, but how?

  1. Work from anywhere, anytime

    Because cloud phone systems are essentially communication solutions ‘housed’ on the internet, you can access your phone system from absolutely anywhere! Simple to install and with no additional hardware required, cloud phone systems are perfect for businesses with a flexible workforce, where staff perform their jobs from various locations. All you need is a reliable Wi-Fi connection, and you’re all set up and able to access everything you need!

    What’s more, cloud phone systems work from any device, be it your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet, so you’re able to complete your work and effectively communicate with colleagues and customers, no matter how you choose to work!

  2. Budget friendly

    Interested in moving to a cloud phone system, but worried about the cost and impact to your budget? Fear not! Moving to the cloud has proven to be extremely cost effective for businesses, large and small.

    With the majority of traditional business phone systems charging you for every minute spent on a call, you’ll often be met with large bills at the end of each month, that differ in cost – a nightmare for your budget! With a cloud phone system, the call charges are fixed, so you will always know what you’re spending. Plus, you’ll also receive reduced line rental and call costs, as well as free site to site calls, both locally and internationally! And, with no need for extra hardware or cabling, or potentially costly engineer visits, you’ll save even more money – for which your budget will no doubt thank you

  3. Protection built in

    Unfortunately, events occur that can have a very negative impact on our business. Be it a power cut, flooding, a fire, or potential cyber-attacks, we very often aren’t prepared for these situations and suffer greatly, as a result. With a cloud phone system however, you can be rest assured you’re your virtual platforms, servers and devices are safe and protected, no matter what, thanks to in-built disaster recovery protocols.

    With all of your data stored in the cloud and held in a dedicated server centre, you can be sure that should something happen, your business will continue to function as normal. What’s more, with your valuable data in the hands of specialists, it’s significantly safer than it would be, backed up on your own servers, and much less susceptible to hacking and memory loss.

  4. Stay connected, from anywhere

    Whether in the office, working from home, or on the road, a cloud phone system will ensure your workforce is able to stay in touch! Gone are the days when you’d have to abruptly end a phone call if you were swiftly moving from location to location. Cloud telephony allows you to seamlessly flip your live calls from one device to another, with any disruption, so the person you’re talking to is none the wiser and you can carry on talking!

    What’s more, with a cloud phone system, you don’t even need your handset or mobile on hand to make a call! Just simply log in to the built-in softphone feature, via your browser, and make calls anytime, anywhere. You’ll also have full access to your address book and be able to see if the person you’re contacting is available to take your call!

  5. Futureproof your business

    With the impending switch off, of all traditional phone lines (you may have seen this referred to as the ‘end of ISDN’ in the press) in 2025, now is the time to seriously think about moving to a new phone system, that will benefit your business now, and in the future.

    With amazing flexibility, full scalability and affordability, cloud phone systems are the ideal business communication solution, with features that enable us to work effectively and efficiently, no matter the location! Able to grow and evolve with your business, whilst remaining extremely easy to use and maintain, cloud phone solutions gives you the freedom to work your way, from wherever you choose, without having to compromise your productivity.

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