5 Hospital Bag Must-Haves: Selected By Real Mums

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Health & Wellbeing

There’s nothing like the excitement that builds up as you come towards the final stages of your pregnancy.

Whether you’re a first time parent or you’ve been there before, the feeling is the same:

You know that baby is almost here, and you just can’t wait to start sharing a lifetime of possibilities together! However, there’s always going to be a little uncertainty about the details – and don’t worry, because that’s totally natural! Emma’s Diary is the number one community for new mums, and as well as all the top offers for new parents to help you make the most of what’s available, they’ve got all the experience and advice required to tell you what’s what and keep you right with what you need to do at every step of the way.

So, ready to get an idea of how to build the perfect hospital bag? Read on for all the sensible must-haves – and a couple of sneaky extra hints from mums who’ve been there before!

Labour Bag Checklist – What To Pack

  1. Several nightdresses or t-shirts.
    First things first, you need to get everything together to make sure you’re feeling comfortable, safe and at home whilst at the hospital. You could also pack some cosy slippers or socks, and a strong>lightweight dressing gown.
  2. Wet wipes!
    Hospitals are extremely well equipped, but you can’t beat the speediness of having some wet wipes and other little essentials ready in your own bag – and you can get some of these for free if you collect an Emma’s Diary free gift pack from any local Boots. You might also like to take some of your favourite snacks or isotonic drinks which will keep your energy and spirits up.
  3. Mobile Phone and Charger.
    Plus, it’s a good idea to take a notebook with important phone numbers for relatives and close friends, just in case your mobile does run out.
  4. Birth plan and maternity notes.
    Even if you feel you know them inside and out by now, it’s always handy to keep a copy just in case you need to check or to show anyone new.
  5. A Favourite Playlist.
    This is just one way to make the experience a little nicer, and keep yourself calm, comfy and feeling at home. You could also take some oil or lotion for if you’d like to be massaged, or a birth ball can be a great extra help during labour, as can a TENS machine for pain relief.

Bonus! Top Tips from Mums who’ve been there before

Remember what we said about community? We weren’t joking! Across the UK, thousands of mums just like you have made the most of Emma’s Diary’s fantastic pregnancy and newborn special offers. We asked just a few of them to share any unexpected hospital bag extras that really made the difference to them. Here are their top answers:

  1. Big knickers
  2. Flip flops
  3. Hair bands
  4. Lip balm
  5. Straw
  6. Flannel
  7. Fan
  8. Muslin cloths (and lots of them!)

Well, that’s that! Thanks for reading our handy helper on hospital bags – hopefully, you’ve got all you need now to get that bag packed and ready to go! With a little preparation, you’ll be able to head to hospital with confidence, knowing that the stage is set for your little one to make a perfect entrance. And don’t forget, we’re here to help in lots of other ways – register with Emma’s Diary now to benefit from a whole host of offers, plus plenty more helpful advice!